IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

With decades of hotel experience, Convergent Services customizes each engagement to fit your particular needs

Experience & Resources

Convergent Services was founded on the principle that we want to bring the very best of each of our services to our customer. We accomplish this by a network of resources, "best of breed", that are our affiliates; these are not products, but rather, skills found in our resource network.

Because of the background and experience of our founder, we are able to offer top level services and customization needed for each of our projects, while in the same time ensuring quality and consistence by always having a single point of contact.

Our virtual setup allows us to always provide the most appropriate resources for any project, without being restricted by a large overhead.

Martin Thornros

Martin Thornros started his IT career over 25 years ago, while in graduate school (MBA). Martin and an IT pioneer, who developed an early PBX-VMS interface, created a partnership that developed through several iteration to become one of the largest Hospitality dedicated interconnects in the US (InnTel Communication, later Contact LLC).

In this very successful company, Martin's main focus was infrastructure, PBS, and HSIA sales and technical engineering, working exclusively with hundreds of hotels.

Given Martin's extensive knowledge in the hospitality low voltage area; many repeat customers would request additional assistance with "related" systems. The trust created with these clients, knowing Martin had their best interest at hand, made the transition to overall low voltage consulting an easy step. Thus, Convergent Services was created.

For over 12 years Convergent Services has worked with most national brands (Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, etc...) and many different owner groups. Convergent Services portfolio consists of projects ranging from 1,500 room hotel and conference centers to 12 room extreme luxury resorts, each receiving the attention to detail and service Convergent Services provides.

In addition to always working with hotel technology, Martin was part owner and primary operator of a seventeen room hotel in the Napa Valley. Under his direction, this property underwent an extensive renovation and re-branding to a high-end Napa Valley destination.

Jerry Kellinger

For more than 35 years, Jerry Kellinger has been recognized for his technical prowess and his dedication to providing customers with services that exceed most standards of excellence. A computer minor in college, followed by serving in the United States Army as an electronics instructor, and certifications on dozens of specialized electronic systems, Jerry’s knowledge and experience results in consistently forward-thinking systems design and implementation.

With the emergence of sophisticated, converged systems in the hospitality industry, Jerry found a new direction for his talents. As Vice President of Operations for multiple companies well known to hotel managers, he was among the early interconnect pioneers, many times coming up with custom solutions where needed. In these positions, Jerry was also able to impact many young technicians by enforcing standards and insisting on the same excellence that he has demanded of himself. Lodging facilities of all types benefited from this consistent and serviceable approach.

Years of providing services to hotels, ranging from infrastructure and telephone to high speed data and closed circuit television, has uniquely prepared Jerry to assist Convergent clients with technical solutions and insight into today’s challenging computer-centric environment.

When not immersed in technical specifications and blueprints, Jerry can be found distributing food at the local food bank or at the school where he has volunteered for more than 12 years as an IT professional.

Kristin Harwell

Kristin began her career in IT 18 years ago, primarily focused in the healthcare industry (biller/payer/TPA) with a centralized focus around data security. Kristin’s most recent venture was with Commune Hotels + Resorts, founded by John Pritzker and Geolo Capital, and was with them since their inception in 2011 where she served as the Corporate Director for their IT Operations.

Prior to Commune, Kristin led the Datacenter team for Joie de Vivre Hotels where she was responsible for spearheading the major improvements to the collections core infrastructure and led the initiatives to reduce the centralized datacenter footprint by 60%. In addition to the San Francisco based datacenter redesign, Kristin and her team stood up a fully redundant failover facility for all core business systems.

Today, Kristin’s primary functions have focused around project management for hotel development, takeovers, and transitions. She has worked in key areas of hotel development, from turnkey properties to complete historic renovations.