IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

With decades of hotel experience, Convergent Services customizes each engagement to fit your particular needs

New Hotel Development

Convergent Services provides services to owners and operators of new hotels and resorts in need of professional and highly customized IT solutions. We assist our clients in acquiring cost-effective solutions for the complete Low Voltage scope in new builds while working as an extension of your staff and supporting your needs.

Our background in both the hospitality and IT industry enables us to communicate efficiently with all parties, thereby ensuring overall continuity in the project.

Budget Development / Analysis

In developing budgets for the IT systems and infrastructure, it is critical to have an overall comprehension of the desired level of service. If there is not a match between the infrastructure and the applications, there will be costly change orders during the project progression.

Even if expectations and conditions change during a project, having a solid idea of expected performance will allow for adjustments ahead of time, rather than deal with "fire drills" at the end of a project. Our experience and understanding of the technology as well as the hotel operations; affords us a unique ability to correctly budget for all IT related items. Convergent Services will assist with everything from pre-deal/due diligence to post-project budget reconciliation.


Choosing Convergent Services to assist with your infrastructure design and management will help you accelerate your competitive advantage and produce positive guest and staff experiences for the long term.

In addition to providing a cost-effective solution, Convergent Services will design a cable plant that will allow your many years of service. With the right cable plant your hotel will be able to meet guest demands, today as well as tomorrow.

Computer Systems (FOH, BOH)

The various applications deployed in the hotel is what guests and team members touch and feel in relation to IT. If the systems are well integrated they will enhance the experience, but also encourage greater usage; which will provide better information to management. Successful overall integration of the systems will enhance the operation of the hotel, providing additional functionality and a better guest and team member environment; as well as a more profitable operation.

Our systems design and implementation services ensures that your hotel will have a solution that fits your budget while providing the maximum benefit.

Value Engineering

All projects have constraints that has to be adhered to; many of them financial. Our experience and knowledge will help you through the process of Value Engineering while minimizing the negative impact on the project.

Certain costs can be deferred, some systems can be postponed to a later time; the goal of course is to ensure the best value for the investment over the long term. As we are independent from any vendors, we will assist in making the correct cost savings decisions; without self interest.

System Selection

Low voltage systems in a hotel include many different types of systems, with very diverged purposes. Some are pure guest centric such as the television system, while other are pure BOH (Back of House) such as accounting. They all have in common that they are either providing a service to the guest, or allowing staff to efficiently perform a service to the guest.

Convergent Services stays on top of systems development and options in the marketplace; and are experts at matching the right system with your hotels particular needs, and get proper integration between the different systems.

As non affiliated third party, we configure systems based on your needs, not based on a product we are selling. After evaluating cost and benefits of a particular system, we will provide an analysis of the need; and sometimes the best option is to do nothing.

Much of the time some of the systems are predetermined (existing systems, or brand standard), which makes tailoring the other systems even more important to achieve the best functionality. Convergent Services will assist with evaluating systems, and system cost, to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

Installation / Testing Management

Convergent Services has the experience and know-how to properly manage the complete installation process, having done many installation we have learned to see how the project is progressing. With our detailed technical knowledge we have the ability to work, and communicate effectively, with the on-site technicians which is invaluable for a quality installation as well as finding solutions for problems encountered during the installation.

Choosing Convergent Services to assist with the installation and testing management of some systems will allow your staff to focus on the things that they do best. You can also feel comfortable that the process management is in very competent hands, working as an extension of your staff.